found abandoned bird egg and not sure what to do

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8 Years
Dec 10, 2011
Simone - Wongawallan - Queensland
Hey we found a small bird egg on the ground and we were surprised to find a living chick trying to hatch inside. He is cheeping a lot and we are unsure on how we can help it hatch and what to feed it. We are unsure on the breed but think it may be a rainbow lorikeet but we are not sure. Please help
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Oh no! Did you check if it fell from a nest? The nest might have got invaded by a hawk or other predator. You need to keep it warm, like 34 degrees for first few days. There's plenty of info online about how to do this stuff:

You could try contacting a local facebook group and asking if there are any parrot breeders who could assist.
Keep it warm at about 100 degrees with a lightbulb and a digital thermometer sold to put in lizard tanks at a pet store. pet store will also sell baby parrot formula or at least they do here in the USA. Google how to hand-feed baby parrots, it's doable but very time consuming.

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