Found baby pigeon.


8 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Alberta Canada
I found this baby pigeon on the floor in the shop. I can't put it back in the nest cuz it's to high up. So I put it in a box under the nest in hopes the mom will feed it. If I don't see the mom feeding it ill bring it in the house tonight. I've never raised pigeon before so I have the idea what to do. Please help!!

I was able to get some layer mash in it. I gerund it up to a powder then put enough water in it till it was like a dough. Then made little pellets and popped them in its beak.
I would feed it twice a day in the morning and at night. He is a fair size and should do well. He will be starting to pick at his own food in a week or so is my best guess. Try him with shelled peanuts or sunflower hearts. He will soon get the hang of things..
Thank you he's starting to drink a little on he's own now. And he gets excited when I'm feeding him and starts nibbling at my fingers. I think your right he will start eating on he's own soon enough.


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