found dead pullet in the nesting box

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    This morning I went out to find a dead pullet in the nesting box. She is about 9 mo. old barred rock. She was just laying there. No idea what could have happened! [​IMG] I have not been out watching the flock much because of the cold weather and being gone to a chicken show. There was something wet in the box. It rained last night and the temps are in the 30's but not freezing. I am worried about the rest of the flock! As far as I can tell there are no signs of disease in any of the other birds. I also found NO eggs in either nesting box witch even with the cold weather they have been laying a few eggs every day. The weather has been rainy and muddy. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with her no feathers missing, nothing. He comb is still bright red. Any ideas?? To me it looked like she just fell asleep and died.
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    [​IMG] Sorry about your little pullet. Sometimes chickens have internal problems with no external signs...heart attacks, etc. I lost a little EE last spring that way...just laying dead in the dust bathing area. It happens. [​IMG]

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