Found duckling, its our 1st, help plz.

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    I just went up to collect our chicken eggs and underneath one of my silkies was a duckling. I was shocked! We have a male and female pekin duck but we were told our chickens might not hatch them because they take longer to hatch then chicken eggs. Its our first egg ever to hatch so I need some advice...

    My mom wont let me use an incubator or a heat lamp because electricty costs so luckily the duckling is very happy under the chicken and the chickens dont mind either. Only problem is we only have 1 enclosure for all our chickens and 2 ducks. Its big and they all get along but im scared the bigger chickens or ducks might hurt the baby. Also, how do I feed it and make sure the other chickens dont eat all its food cuz I go back to work tomorrow. They are in hen nesting boxes so the duckling csnt even get in and out. The nesting boxes are inside a shed tjing we built for the hens and its got lots of pine shavings but the chickens and ducks all like to sleep in there.

    Also, how long ago do you think it was born? Its not wet but can barely walk and still has the little "tooth" on the end of its beak (my husband said it was called that) to get out of the egg.

    What do I feed it? Chick starter w/ water? Or mash powder stuff?? Sry for all the newbie questions. And thank you for any advice.

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    It needs to be eating unmedicated chick starter. I looks like it is probably 24 hrs old. The other adult chickens very well could hurt it. It needs to be under a heat lamp with water deep enough to be able to dip it's entire beak into and clear it's nostrils. The mother hen may keep it warm but I would seperate the mother and all the babies plus the duckling to make sure everyone is warm and safe. It definately needs chick starter, so do the other chicks.
    Good luck!
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    I don't know if you can go to the feed sotre, but it will need duckling starter crumbles. I've never had a duckling with grown chickens. Just incase you might want to separate it. It can stay with the baby chicks, and the grown chicken it hatched under, though. The only adult chicken it should be allowed with is the one it hatched under. It's going to need Niacin in it's water (can be bought at cvs, or other health stores. Or you can buy the poult pak from It might a like close to a day old (I really don't know, though!).
    Any other questions? [​IMG]
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