Found hen dead


13 Years
May 6, 2010
Southern Maine
I posted about a sick chicken recently- She is still around; not doing very well, but still eating/drinking/moving around... tonight I came home to find a different hen dead in the coop. My favorite, of course.
She had been fine, up till yesterday evening when she seemed a bit 'off'. Some of the others have had some diarrhea, with varying degrees of poopy drawers. I guess I will try to get samples to get a fecal check done- does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve my chances of getting a good sample? 'Good' being one that contains whatever is causing the problems. Last fall I took a sample from a chicken whose droppings I saw worms in, and the check came back negative... I'm feeling very discouraged.
If I were you, I would have the one that died necropsied to find out what you are dealing with. It really is the only way to know. Most states have labs that will do them for little or no cost. I'm so sorry for your loss..why is it always the favorite?
How would I go about that? PLus, I was away all day, so I don't know how long she was dead, or how warm it got... I was considering calling my vet's office, though. I don't know how much these things cost.
I also lost one of my hens. She died during the night inside the coop. Now the other hens will not sleep inside the coop, sleeping on top of the coop! I totally cleaned out the coop put new shaving but they still will not sleep inside! They go inside to lay their eggs to the attached section for that but wont sleep where they always have. It seems so sad. Any suggestions?????
If you can find a state lab, the most I've seen anyone pay is $45. If you go through a private avian vet, they can cost over $300.
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