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Internally Deranged
10 Years
May 2, 2009
Desert, CA
"grey" hair. Except it's a pearly white. I'm not rushing out for dye, I'm actually fine with it, which I wasn't expecting.
Only one????
Yep, a single white hair, silghtly off center. I keep my hair in really good condition and natrual as I've been donating it a foot at a time to Lock of Love, so I grow it to my hips, and get it cut to my shoulders, every 18 months or so. I don't blow dry, use a curling iron or anything else that could damage it, so it's in the best shape for donating. (I have however mastered the 40's wet set curlers, for retro glam).
I'm 31 with a coppery auburn that glows red in sunset. At first I wondered at having a blond strand, so I went outside, and it's a completely colorless white.
As kids we would tease my mom about getting grey hairs and she's say, "Leave 'em alone, I earned 'em." She's never dyed her hair in her life and I don't plan to ever dye mine. So when I get my grey hair, that will be my line, too!
It's not the color that bothers me. It's the unruliness. The grey I have coming in likes to stick straight up. Most of it is coming in at my part so it's just up there waving in the breeze. I have told them that I WILL pluck them out if they can't lay down and behave like the rest of the hairs on my head.
Thankfully mine is coming in white and it blends with the blond.
That brings up another question I have always wondered about...who gets grey hair and who gets white hair? Do blonds get white hair and burnettes get grey hair?

I'm blond and I'd really like to know if I'm going to be a white haired old lady or a grey haired old lady.
I've always heard it the other way. That the darker the hair the whiter it goes. Dunno. My grandmother had really dark hair and it went completely white. My mom has lighter brown and it has only random grey hairs scattered in it. Beats me. I thought for sure mine would go a mousy brown grey, but the hairs I keep pulling out are completely white.

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