Found out I have a cockerel

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7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
After talking to some users on BYC I have been enlightened that my Dark Brahma isn't a pullet, she is a he! We got 6 chicks expecting them all to be female, but we got a cockerel on accident I suppose. So our flock is composed of 2 rhode island reds, an easter egg layer, a silver laced wyandotte and a white leghorn. (and the brahma) My question is, If my brahma starts... fertilizing the eggs, its okay to eat them right? and if we did have a broody hen who did hatch some of the eggs, is that bad? Because the chicks would be of mixed breeds. Should I get rid of the cockerel? Thanks in advance!
Perfectly fine to eat fertilized eggs. Whether or not you'd like to hatch out any eggs under a broody hen is totally up to you. Just remember that there's a good chance that some of the resulting hatchlings will also be cockerels.

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