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10 Years
Apr 20, 2009
Traded a lil year old stud of mixed breed horses for a 6 year old gelding that was supposably used for roping. Well my wifes friend goes over tonight to our pens and is all I know this horse....he was stolen from me like 4 years ago. She procedes to tell me more info and identifying marks on him and im pretty sure she did use to own him. Well she tells me that he is a purebred arabian. Im like dang I got a great deal lol. Unfortunately Im not going to give him back to her as I do have a good deal of money invested....and she said she is just glad he is at a good home.
that happens so often it's sad. I read of one story where a womans mare was stolen, she looked for years for her in ads and everything. Finnally one day they found her and the family didnt want to give her back....long story short they reluctantly gave her back. Kinda like recieving stolen property but with horses its so hard to proove it unless htey have proof and Iding marks. Just be greatful your friend is cool with it
Sounds awesome of a deal.
That is such a shame, but at least he ended up with you instead of something worse!

There was a guy near us that would board people's horses and then sell them to someone else. He would tell the people they could only come ride on certain days. So the one set of owners could ride monday, tuesday, wednesday, and the other owners could ride the other days. I don't know why it took so long to figure out he was doing this, but finally they did. I think they tried to arrest him but he took off. Unfortunately he left a big mess behind for all the people who thought they owned a horse but realized that they had paid for a horse already woned by someone else!

I've never heard of anyone going and taking a horse from someone's property around here though. Makes me feel lucky that our horses are back down behind our house and you can't tell from the road that we have them.

I'd love to see a picture of that horse though! Sounds like a beauty!
I chipped my horses , myself, got to "Net Posse" and the links are there to buy the chips. Cost maybe 10=20$ a horse and you get stickers to put on your trailer or fences , saying they are chipped.

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