Found something in egg??


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Apr 12, 2021
Found this in fresh egg. This is probably this chickens first egg of the summer.
Yes, that is a meat spot. Those and other problems are not that unusual in any eggs. The commercial operations electronically candle their eggs before they go to the market so their customers don't get surprises like that. I'll share a couple of links that tells you about many other things that can go wrong. I suggest that we always crack our eggs in a separate bowl before we add them to anything. As you can see there can be different causes, it does not mean they are unhealthy or that you are doing something wrong. Certain hens are more prone to that but I have a lot of problems figuring out which one is doing that. Most of my problems are blood spots, not meat spots.

Meat spots and blood spots do not make the eggs unsafe to eat, but there is a Yuk! Factor than many of us have a problem getting over. The commercial operations don't just throw those away. They sell them to people that open the eggs before they use them, maybe somebody making pet food. So you can always cook those up and feed them back to your chickens or maybe your dog if you don't want to use them yourself.

Egg Quality Handbook

Sumi – Egg Quality
Meat spots and blood spots are harmless but sort of icky.

Any hen might throw an occasional glitch and new layers are notorious for weird eggs while they work the bugs out of the system, but one who has many such eggs over time would be a candidate for culling.

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