found something weird lookn today


9 Years
Aug 19, 2010
Northwestern PA Conneaut lake
today i went out to do the daily chores with the chickens and when i was cleaning up there poop board and found this weird red bean shaped thing. im guessing 1 of my hens pooped it out during the nite its weird lookn its the size of a red kidney bean & when i gentley squessd it between my 2 fingers it had little bubbles in it gross of corse
i have NO clue wat it is. i dont have a photo of it sorry. is it a blood clot? sometimes i see blood in my chickens poop is tht normal or bad? has anyone else ever seen a been shaped thing on there poop board in there chicken coops
You need to check out the poop chart. They do pass a small amount of bloody looking poop its the shed of intestinal lining and it perfectly normal. Its a big difference between this normal bloody shedding and bloody cocci poop which is not good.

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