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Idk but dont you think the prices are pretty high? And Not to nice what they say at the end.

Muscovy duck (FOR FOOD/EGGS only!) - $20 (central florida)

Date: 2011-08-04, 5:02AM EDT
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Those who are selling these ducks as "pets" will quickly get shut down by the FWC.. They are legal to sell as food only!

I am selling them live for $20 (As food only-mature hen)
30$ mature live drake (male)
25$ hen gutted- with feathers
35$ plucked & gutted hen
35 gutted- with feather drake
50$ plucked/gutted drake
Sorry I do not sell chicks.. if you want something a puppy. if you want snake food.. your sick for even looking at this ad!

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I love the stupidity of people who hear something and run with it. They probably have the ridiculously high price because they think that they are the only ones doing this legally. I wouuld love to ask them if they have a permit to sell muscovy for meat. The first draft of the restrictions also required that.

This is from the newest set of restrictions

From FWS

8. What other restrictions apply to muscovy duck? Other regulations published in addition to the listing and Control
Order restrict possession of muscovy ducks (50 CFR 21.14) and require a Waterfowl Sale and Disposal permit to sell
captive-bred muscovy ducks for food (50 CFR 21.25). However, as a result of information received since publication of
the regulations, the Service plans to amend these regulations in the near future. Therefore, we will not administer these
regulations at this time and will not issue permits. 10.muscovy Fact Sheet.11-1-2010.pdf

Do I need a migratory bird permit to raise and sell muscovy ducks now?
No. Although we amended the regulations at 50 CFR 21.14 and 21.25 to restrict possession and sale of
muscovy ducks, we will not restrict possession or sale, or issue permits for this species at this
time. As a result of information received since publication of the final rules, the Service has
decided to revise the regulations.

"Other regulations finalized at the same time as the listing and Control Order that restrict possession of Muscovy Ducks and require a permit to sell captive-bred Muscovy Ducks for food will not be administered at this time because the Service plans to revise those regulations in the near future."


basically, for now, no restrictions on Muscovy. We'll have to see what the future holds but from what I've read, it seems like they will restrict feral muscovy only.
Well he is in lakeland so feel free to use the link and send that to him. Maybe it will change his tone...

I wanted something cute so i bought a muscovy for a mate for my black swedish. She turned out to be a micro scovy so now she is a very spoiled house "PET" duck. And if someone would want to agrue with me on releasing her is would be impossible due to her size. She would surly die out in a pen with my others or any other ducks for that matter.
I guess someone forgot to tell him that you can sell Muscovies for show purposes and not only for food production.

Maybe Florida has more strict rules.
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I guess my question is "Why is it alright for to sell them as food, but if you want them for snake food, you are sick?"


I have seen my goats eat some pretty strange things (NOT ducks!). Maybe they are sick, too?

I was wondering the very same thing. What's the difference between a person eating them and a snake? Yes, a snake would have a different way of dispatching it but who am I to tell a snake his way is inhumane.
Sorry, I don't see anything particularly rude about it. That's what a dressed Muscovy sells for. Check your local market.

Maybe he has local laws to contend with, as well as federal.

He doesn't sell as pets, but doesn't say you can't keep them as pets. Maybe his Muscovy aren't show quality, so no excuse to pretend that they are and sell them as show birds.

So, he doesn't sell as snake food. So what? Some people feed live chicks to snakes. Not so nice a way to die for the chick. Also, snake people want chicks for free or peanuts. There is no reason to talk to them if you don't want to sell them chicks. So say so in your ad "don't bother to call". I don't sell ducklings for snake food; I don't consider that makes me rude.
Yeah, im in central florida, and you can only sell them for food or farming kinda stuff, not pets. Some people dont want them to be used as snake food, thats their descicion. i go to oriental markets all the time with my dad and when people find out i have muscovies (not for sale) they always try and buy them from me for around 20-30 bucks, so its the usual price around here. I agree with you, totally normal add for around here..

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