Found three eggs in my Firebacks pen yesterday ,!!

I just have the typical pheasant species, Lady A, RG, YG, Cin G, Swinhoe, Mel Ringneck, and the Firebacks....hope to add more one day, The only thing i have more fancy than them are my cranes, and I think they own me...... :D
Thats great. I am now the new owner of a male siamese fireback . He has crooked toes on the right foot but he walks perfect. So my buddy didnt want him.
Love them. My friend has a pair of those also. He gave me the male siamese cause he has the dad to it. Plus I think he didnt like when I said I was cutting back on my feathered friends. Im guilty of being a bird enabler myself. Addiction is a terrible thing.Ha!ha!
Tell me about it... hehe, I have to go to a feedmill just for the birds..... hehe. I don't realize what all I have until hubby starts counting...
and he reminds me all the time
.... LOL
Ooooh, I understand the avian addictions. They're dangerous and expensive (and SO much fun!). Although we're preparing a pheasant pen for a fall purchase, we have an unexpected pair of RG. Hubby and I went to a farm swap last weekend and he was smitten by a pair of juvenile RG. The breeder is well known and well respected, so when DH wanted a pair, he got to choose his new kids. This our first adventure with pheasant and it's so enjoyable. Many people have certain breeds of pheasant with their peafowl, so we kinda joined that club. I love sitting on the park bench to watch them!
Here is some interesting trivia. My friend can keep redgoldens or any type hens with his green peacocks But He said the Java males would probably kill the bornean male because he left the gate open to the adjoining pen one time and he felt like if he hadnt been there it would have been all over. My only guess is it might be the blue color in the bornean that he dont like.
Peas can be fickle and it can take very little to get on their bad side.... As far as other birds go. I have one peacock and one Tom turkey that hate each other. The turkey tried to pick a fight with the pea, and the pea never forgave him. One would stay on the outside of my metal round pen, the other on the inside. All day they would chase each other around in circles, one being on the inside on the outside until they would flogg... Then switch sides.... it was interesting to watch. If the other bird submits, then their normally isn't a problem, but I know my male Bornean thinks he's bad stuff.... So I could see a fight occurring if peas were involved. I only have Spaulings so I don't know if they would be more passive than my IB.

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