Found where my Gunieas have been laying what to do with the eggs?


8 Years
Nov 16, 2011
Eastern NY
I was walking in my woods and almost steped on twenty eggs, in a fern patch next to a down tree near a creek.

Do they have more then one laying spot?

If I throw the eggs out will they still lay there?

What should i do with the eggs ?

I have noticed my Rooster has been mating the Guineas.
They usually stick to one spot, unless disturbed, so that could either be a fresh nest or an old abandoned one. They can also share nests if you have multiple Hens. Got an incubator? If so, pop em in and see what happens. You'll know in 7 days if they are viable or not (if you candle them and look for development). If your Rooster has been gettin' busy with the Guinea Hens, you may end up hatching out some hybrids. If you take all of the eggs, the Hens will more than likely stop laying there and find a new spot. But you could leave a few eggs in the nest and mark them, and then check in a couple days to see if there are any fresh eggs... and either collect and incubate those too (or use a broody chicken hen), or eat them. You can collect and store Guinea eggs in a cool place for up to 14 days before incubating them.
Thanks for the info, I don't have a incubator yet. Ill prob take some out and get rid of them have no idea on age, then mark some then ill have and idea on age. Thanks

Oh and he def has been getting busy with them, I don't how he does it non stop that guy.
Someone found the eggs, there all gone, may have been my dog's or who knows what. Now i need to find there new spot.

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