Found-------WTB assortmant of Bantam eggs-OH


10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
SW Ohio
Hello I am trying out my new bator for the first time and I don't want to pay to much for eggs, incase something goes wrong. Does anyone have about 12 eggs that they can sell to me for about $15 including shipping?

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Tried the auction, got outbid at the last minute, I kept refreshing but didn't think that the next bid could be on a new page lol.

I couldn't find JEN on the user list
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Hi, What part of SW Ohio? I am in N. KY right across from Cincinnati & have some silkie eggs from a pen of buff & partridge. If its close enough you might be able to pick them up rather than have them shipped. I've got a few pekin eggs too, if you wanted to play with them. Good luck with your new bator. My silkies are great moms, but I have become addicted to the bator now

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