Foundling needs a breed check

Karen Sal

May 31, 2017
Can someone tell me what breed she is? I found her in my backyard a month ago. She is happily living with 20190811_112406.jpg my covey of quail (I have 50+ birds that roam about in the bottom of my aviary during the day). Bandi 09132019.jpg She has grown. When we pick up the birds and put them in their respective apts for the night, she parks herself until we are done and lets us collect her. We've been taking her in at night because I don't have a place for her that is hers yet. My husband has her lay down and take a nap on his chest before we put her to bed in a large box in another room for the night. Bandi pre night nap.jpg She's a good girl.

I rescued her from my dog and cat as she was trying to keep away from their clutches. She appeared out of the blue. You should understand, I live in the midst of a very large city. Having a chick show up in my backyard is a jaw dropper. The only thing I can think of is a neighbor lost her, (I don't believe any near neighbors have chickens) or she was swiped by a hawk a few miles from here and dropped in my yard. Either way, she was food for someone. I am thrilled and awestruck that I have her at all. I wanted a chicken but didn't think I could or should have one in this neighborhood. I started with quail to give up chicken eggs only to find out that my husband is allergic to the eggs and meat. He still loves the birds. So, I still have to buy chicken eggs. Maybe she will be our chicken egg provider. Hubby doesn't eat that many eggs and I have the quail eggs for me. :rolleyes:


13 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Wilson, NC
We have 2 silver duckwing
1 blue splash
1 spangled
1 black breasted red
1 red Pyle -all old English Game Bantam pullets and two lavender cockrels
I love OEGB (almost as much as bantam Cochins)

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