Four month old check in


7 Years
Mar 26, 2012
I really haven't spent a whole lot of time on byc the last couple of months, but I wanted to throw out a "check in" for my Toadbriar girls, and Metzer Buff for those of you who have seen them in the past, or just enjoy seeing ducky pictures.

A little background on the girls; I had seven ducks, and ended up downsizing over the summer because of my families animal limit, and the fact that we'd been planning on getting a second horse. Plans change, however, and I'm now back to working on my little teeny flock. I'm left having two Anconas, and one buff Orpington, I've come to love all of them dearly. I believe these three were the best choices to keep, and they fit together very well in their little group. Next spring I'm planning on adding another Buff to the group, and I'm still tossing around the idea of a drake.

Ella, the buff is very sweet, and mellow. She loves greeting me, and enjoys laying down next to me when I spend time in their pen. Posey has really come out of her shell, and become more outgoing as she's grown up, she's also taking over the drakes position within the flock, and has to be reminded I'm the boss. :) Yara is still my quiet, shy girl; she prefers to let Ella, and Posey lead the way, while she happily follows behind. She is however, the sneakiest food stealer.

Here are the pictures;


front to back; Yara, Ella, Posey

Posey. she really has transformed. she was a nearly pure yellow baby, with an orange bill but has much more as far as color on her feathers, and the majority of her bill is turning green. She also has tan spots. :)

Posey eats the snow! Yara is cut off in the picture, but you can see her pretty coloring

cautiously exited the dog house...

Very pretty Ella!

I took this to get a shot of Yara's spotted bum, but I ended up with all three gals in the picture.
VERY pretty girls and I LOVE their names. However, you showed SNOW and I'm just not ready for that yet, thankyouverymuch.

Thanks for sharing pictures!!
I'm not ready for snow either! I'm located in Utah, and have been told this is not the usual time to start snowing; a little early I guess. The ducks like it though!
Oh, and thank you by the way. It took a while to figure out what to call them! Yara means water goddess, and posey because she hatched upside down and was very small. :)

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