Four roosters in need of a home

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  1. HolyChickBantam

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    Apr 8, 2016
    I have four roosters that need to join another flock ASAP. They have been handled a lot growing up, nice and curious. Raised them from chicks with lots of attention and love and so I would like them to join a flock rather than be eaten. Hatched in March 2016. None have shown any aggression towards humans and they grew up around our two dogs--they are smart and don't naturally flock to other dogs, but don't mind ones they've gotten to know after a long while.

    LOCATED IN CENTRAL NEBRASKA: Hamilton County (near Grand Island).

    Brian is a beautiful Rhode Island Red.
    Fred and George are buff bantams (only pictured one, they look the same).
    Hawk is also a bantam (not pictured; looks like a Rhode Island Red banty but has some leg and foot feathering).

    Can send/add more pictures if desired.



  2. MammaHen8

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    May 3, 2015
    Oxford, Ohio
    I'm interested in Brian. He would watch over 12 young hens from this year. Would you consider shipping him to Oxford, Ohio? I would pay shipping.

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