Fourm suspension?

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11 Years
Jan 26, 2008
I noticed that ware it usually says "member" or "moderator" on some accounts it says "back in a week" or "suspension ends 3/28". Is this for getting in trouble or something completely different?
Did it do it by itself or did you violate a forum rule? (If you don't mind me asking?)
It is a temporary suspension for rules that are broken that can be found at:

And since it includes:

* Do not post threads questioning moderation.

I will be closing this.

Usually members will be given a private or public warning of the rules. A note will be made that a warning was made, and there is a step ladder to the levels of discipline that are given that depends on the degree of the infraction. Issues such as these are discussed with the staff as perminant bans are not taken lightly.

Thank you for your understanding. Feel free to PM a moderator for more clarification.​
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