Fowl Boundaries


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6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
Does anyone has suggestions on keeping chickens in a certain boundary? My girls wandered (at least it was assume they were mine, not 100% on that) over to my neighbor's driveway, and I was warned that they would be shot. Any ideas?!
Stay outside with them and when they start to wander, lure them back with a treat (mine love sunflower seeds). make an area for them that's more enticing than the neighbors yard. if your neighbor doesn't want them there, you need to keep them in your yard.
I almost always have cabbage hung up for them, and I keep perches in different spots for ten to play on. At first my neighbors said they loved chickens, and weren't expecting boundaries since we lived in the country, and then I came home to that. Lol, but anyway, I want them to stay in my yard anyhow, free fertilizer! I will try the treats. Thank you! I cannot understand what enticed them over there in the first place

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