Fowl pox? just a dry comb? scabbing and dryness. Please help!


Sep 6, 2020
My leghorn Lily was previously pecked on. when she was mostly healed, we returned her to the flock (of 4). She had some scabs when she was put back with the other girls last week. Now, it looks like they have gotten worse. her comb looks very dry, scabby and flaky. I don't know if it is a combination of she is getting bullied (more scabs) and the changing season (dryness) that is making her comb irritated, or if it is something else such as fowl pox. I put on some neosporin this afternoon on her comb and wattles (they were also looking dry). When I closed the coop door half an hour ago, it looked worse. I live in the city and there is no tractor supply (or anything along those lines) near me. I am going to my country house this weekend so I will able to go to the TS this weekend but I won't be home until sunday evening, so they would have to wait for a fowl pox treatment until then. The first photo is what the scabs were when we first put her back after she was pecked on. The second photo is what it looked like this morning.


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