Fowl Pox, or something else?

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    I have a couple of brown leghorns with marks on their combs... it looks like a powdery white mildew, with some black sores in it. Is that fowl pox, or could it be something else? I wish I could figure out how to add some pics!
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    Need pics to tell you for sure. .. .

    How are their eyes looking? ? Any bubbles in their eyes?

    If it is fowl pox, you need to start them on an antibotic immediately.
    They will need to be on it for 14 days. You will need to treat the eyes with triple antiboitic ( NO PAIN KILLER) 2 times a day
    The scabs on the waddles can be treated with iodine.

    NO NOT SPREAD IT- - - ISOLATION is required. Treat everyone who has been exposed ( who is in the same cage) with the anitbotics.
    New Q Tip for each bird for application of the meds.

    The birds do not die from the fowl pox . . . . they die from the secondary infections they get while their systems immunity is low.

    I use Duramycin-10 in their water. I use 1 Tblspoon per gallon of water. . .
    If you catch it EARLY . . . and the birds are still drinking, then this works well.

    If the birds are not drinking, you will have to use another antibotic that you give directly to the bird instead of mixing in the water.

    GOOGLE Fowl pox images and you will find many.

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