Fowl Pox? - Please Help!

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    So I have been noticing some spots on my hen and roo's combs and waddles. I thought maybe frost bite, but it has only hit the 20's here and thye have been in there coop at night which stays warmer than that. I started researching and maybe think it is Fowl Pox? The spot on the speckled hens waddle was black yesterday and now is white too. This is my first year having chickens, so I am not confident in my diagnosis. I also am feeling overwhelmed with the advice and outcomes I am seeing. Does anyone have any simple advise, things to watch for or other helpful bits to share.

    I appreciate all the help. THANKS BYC.




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    I see no fowl pox, except maybe on the barred. I have a good example of a bad case of dry pox:


    If anything, you are looking at an extremely mild case of dry pox, NOT wet pox. And from what I'm seeing, so far it just looks like a scab from getting pecked too hard on the wattle. The stuff on the beak worries me, though. Unfortunately, even if they do have fowl pox, there is nothing you can do other than try to isolate. Hopefully someone else with a more discerning eye can tell you if what's on your birds looks like simple scabs or a mild pox.
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