Fowl Pox


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Sep 29, 2015
I was hoping to get some opinions on this sick girl. From what I have seen and read it looks like she has fowl pox. The now yellow spot was black for about a week and fell off leaving the yellow puss seen in the photo. She also seems to have weezing which I treated with tylan 50. Can anyone confirm that this is fowl pox? Thanks!
Looks like an ear infection from this angle. Ear infections are typically caused by respiratory illness, or mite infestation on the head and in the ears which causes the chicken to scratch a lot. Occasionally it will be of fungal origin, but not often.

Search on the forums for a description of treatment. It basically involves you wrapping the chicken in a towel and asking a friend to hold it still while you perform a minor surgical procedure to remove the solid plug of hardened pus. You soften the pus first, with salt water or hydrogen peroxide, and then pick it out slowly with tweezers. But please read the threads about the procedure before you try it.

Looks like it was canker. Thanks again. Treated with some cortizone directly on the canker which seemed to soften it. After about 3 days the canker seemed to be coming out more and I was able to remove it with my finger without much effort (with a glove on ofcourse). Also treated the infection with the medication attached. Less than $10 on amazon and worked excellent against the bacteria.

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