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    Jun 4, 2013
    Bracey Va
    i have had my hens for about 6 months now. i have yet to have anything get into my coop but just the last two weeks i have been seeing a fox around.when i built my chicken coop i had two options on where to build it.i decided to build it close to my dog pens which has 12 hounds in them.the closet pen is about 20 feet away and the furthist is about 75 feet away the dog pens actualy are on two sides of the chicken coop and run and my house is on one side. i only really have one side of the coop exposed to the woods.i also have a dog that runs free in the yard and she loves the chickens to the point i think she thinks she is part of the yall think a fox or coon will get used to the dogs and still try to invade the coop?
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