Fox attack..wounded chicken won't eat


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Apr 20, 2013
My chicken was attacked by a Fox last Tuesday. I been keeping wounds clean and applying antibiotic ointment and seems to be healing. But she won't eat. I've tried eggs, Tina, sunflower seeds, scratch, her food....but not interested. I've picked grass. I've had to crate her at night and a small rabbit hutch in day. I'm sure she is sore and she doesn't want to move in the hutch. I'm sure she is depressed. I've started letting her free range in my kitchen. Seems to like that. She has Very watery poops and is losing weight. Her wounds do not smell infected. Any ideas to get her to eat? What will help her gain weight?
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Poor thing. I can't tell how deep that is, but it might need stitching + vet care. What are you cleaning that with?

Foxes have some nasty bacteria in their mouth, so some penicillin G injection will help stave off sepsis, which can kill a bird fast. You can get it at feed stores, I think...Or a vet. So you know what to expect, it's probably going to take a ~22g needle to inject that into her breast muscle every other day. It'll smart, but they usually get over it pretty quick as long as you follow injection procedure well. You should research dosage based on her weight. Keep her where flies can't get to her.

Will she drink for you?
When looking up Sepsis
it is a Blood poisoning.
this must indicate the chicen could get the blood poisoning from the wound.
I would advise using the PRID

National Poultry News#3
Use plastic gloves when doctoring chickens foot.
Put on wound several times a day.

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Yes, sepsis is commonly known as blood poisoning. It's a systemic infection - where the entire body is affected by the immune reaction against the pathogen or its toxins. I haven't used PRID before, but the chicken definitely does need topical wound care.

Unfortunately, and especially with animal bites, some bacteria from the wound can still infect the chicken even with the best wound care. By the time the bacteria infect more than just the wound, they cannot be killed with topical treatments - a systemic antibiotic is required. The fastest and safest delivery method you're going to get is via intramuscular injection.
I showed pictures to the vet. He told me to clean with Bernadine. I have been syringing 3 x day. And apply antibiotic ointment. She is drinking.
A couple days later. She is a fat bird and there was lots of fat. She has some bruising. She is lucky to be alive.


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