Fox attack


Aug 19, 2018
I had a fox take 3 of my ducks early this morning. Caught him coming back for round four and shot him. I have not had any predator issues in 2 years! He of course got my three favorite ducks. So devastating. My question is what are the odds he(it was a male I checked) has a family in the vacinity that will come back for more? This guy literally ripped the hardware cloth off the pen and got in. I have an electric fence, the charger broke and have had no issues with predators so I never replaced it. My own fault. I have one on order. The ducks pen is right beside my house. I usually hear them and am surprised I did not hear them at all this morning. They had to have been making a ruckus. I will secure them in their house tonight to be on the safe side.
Was it a big fox or average? Maybe it was a baby that grew up already since I’ve read around this time mother foxes begin to teach their young how to hunt.

We recently had a fox take one of our guineas.
It was about 10 lbs. I was thinking it has a family because it definitely ate one of them right outside the pen and took off with the other 2.
10 lbs smallish for an adult and biggish for a kit. If parental male then at least his mate may still be hunting in area. Sometimes pairs can have subordinate helpers provisioning kits as well.

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