Fox Attacked My DUCK!!!


16 Years
Jan 25, 2007
Athens, Ga/ Hayesville, NC
I have a Female Pekin that was attacked by a Fox (only creature i have seen sneeking around my backyard) She has massive feather loss on her back and a bite wound on her left wing and neck. Where there are teeth marks there were/are small maggots.

I caught her and doused her in Hydrogen Perxoide and now she is locked in the Tub with lukewarm water and she seems to be bathing herself as she normally would. I am changing the water out every 15 min.

What is my next course of action? Neosporin? Something for pain? she will be sleeping in the bathtub tonight with plenty of soaked foods to eat.
I gave her several good washes with a wash with a bit of clorox, oxyclean, and antibiotic soap to make a bubble bath. she is now drying in the bathroom where she will stay untill she has shown some signs of healing
I sure hope your ducky makes a speedy recovery!! Sounds like she has plenty of TLC... keep up the great work! I'm sure she'll show some improvement by morning!
My duck seems to be eating and drinking normally again, How long should I keep her inside before I let her out with her friends as of now she has to be locked in the bathtub all day and night
Okay..please please do not hydrogen peroxide on the will kill the good tissue. so, clean it with a sterile saline solution or betadine...use neosporin WITHOUT pain reliver....the pain reliever can kill her. Keep it clean and dry, bandage her if you have too.

Make sure she is eating and drinking. Keep her isolated until she is pretty much all healed up.
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