Fox bait ?????????


9 Years
Aug 15, 2010
Columbus Ohio
What is the best fox bait to use????? i have tried every thing under the season and this wiley fox still eludes me. I have caught every opossum and coon in the county but no FOX!
Try using a leg hold trap in front of some eggs, make sure the trap is bedded very well. There is a lot of YouTube videos on this. You need to have a backstop so it has to walk over the trap to get the bait.
I use a long cage trap bury the floor and make it appear to be the coop entrance.i put chook poo and crap of the nest boxes on the floor .do it right and you will get only get one chance per method with a fox.i have bull arab x pitbull dogs that follow their scent back to the den then spend up too two days digging them great no foxes for years
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