fox got all but 2...need advice!

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    Jul 9, 2011
    I have a bit of a dilemma; a fox (at least we think...) got into my chickens yesterday and now all we have left are 2 Easter Eggers--one hen & one roo. I was hoping someone might have some insight into what I can do now because I am afraid the roo will pick on the hen since she is the only one that survived. I need to introduce some new chickens & found a local breeder that is selling 3-month-olds; would this be a problem if the roo & hen are 1 year? or since there are only 2 chickens, introductions may be easier?? I really need to remedy this fast to protect our hen; the roo is somewhat aggressive but not the worst I've seen however it still worries me.

    Any advice on what age hens to introduce or whether 3-month-olds could potentially be introduced would be greatly appreciated. Considering there are only 2 chickens left, would a quicker introduction be possible if 6+ new hens are added to the flock? Any advice concerning this predicament would be extremely helpful. Thank you!
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    That happened to us, but it was our own dog:(. We bought new chicks, and introduced them in batches, with no problem.
    We added 15 new chicks, every 4 weeks, for 3 months. They all found their place in the new flock.

    3 month olds would be great, out of the brooder and ready to go. When we had to start all over, it was a long process!
    The Roo may pick at first, just to establish his place.

    As for the will be back, so find the breaks in your defense. They are smart, find the smallest holes, and wriggle through.

    Chicken wire doubled, box wire covered in chicken wire, or chain link covered in chicken wire are the best defenses we have found.
    Staples, plastic wire ties (zip ties), or wire work best to bind everything together. Be sure to close them up at night, even if they free range.

    Good luck!
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    Sometimes when introducing the new chickens it is a good idea to separate them temporarily with a wire fence, so that they can become aquanted. After a few days remove the fence and they should be fine.
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    Well for starters you need to set a trap for that critter! If you have any of your dead chickens left use them for bait. If you cath it exterminate it! That way it will not find its way back to your house. If dogs can travel miles and miles just to get back to their home than a fox can too. That is your surest way to hopefully eliminate this problem from happening again. But I would set the trap again just to be safe. And don't put it right at your chicken house!
    As far as reintroducing new chicks it sounds like you have gotten some good advice already!

    Good luck!

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