Fox got my chickens :(

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by thebirdgirl, Jan 2, 2015.

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    A fox got into my yard this morning- my dog usually alerts us to anything going on out there but didn't hear anything (we didn't either). 2 of my hens were killed and 3 more were injured. The fox ran off when I went outside. I collected everyone up and brought the wounded ones into the coop. I'm not sure if they will make it or not at this point. Should I be concerned about rabies, from me handling the hens with my bare hands? One was pretty wet with what I assume was saliva from the fox. Just wondering what others have done in this situation. Thanks!
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    For yourself - wash your hands thoroughly and, if you are really concerned, glove up while cleaning the birds initially - but unless you have a break in your own skin transmission, IF the fox was even a carrier, is not really a concern.
    Your main concern at this point, imo, is the birds. They have had a trauma and need to be treated for shock - meaning keeping them warm, quiet, hydrated and sustained while you assess and treat their wounds.
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    Apr 16, 2008
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    I'm all set now, washed up myself and wore gloves to clean up the girls. Two are in pretty rough shape and one looks like she'll be OK. One of them seems to have no visible injuries but is not looking very good at all. Could she just be in shock? I have all 3 on a heating blanket in a stall by themselves. I'm still finding girls out in the woods that jumped the fence and must have been hiding. Crossing my fingers for them (and everyone will be locked up for the rest of the winter!)
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    Yep, could be shock....keep them warm, get them drinking for sure and eating if possible, clean any wounds and keep an eye on them.

    You can use any triple antibiotic ointment on the wounds as long as it does not have any pain reliever(anything-caine) in it.

    Good luck to ya.
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  5. RonP

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    I have a lot of experience dealing with fox.

    Many losses sustained on both sides...

    So sorry for your losses.

    My ultimate decision was to fortify my defences, and keep my flock in a secured run.

    The fox will return, if eliminated others eventually will.

    Be vigilant.

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