Fox? I'm thinking Bobcat... ***Pics added***


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Jun 13, 2007
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Okay, so this is not about my chickens, but I fear that their turn is coming if I don't do something soon...

This morning I went out to feed my animals and found all 3 of my bunnies dead.
One was almost gone and the other two were killed and buried. Their pen is like the chickens. I surround the pen with dog fencing (2"x4") with chicken wire across the bottom. Then I cover the pen with bird netting. The animal that got in did it from the top. It broke through the bird netting and jumped in.

Does this sound like a fox? They are the only predator that I know of that buries their kill for later. I'm going to go to the feed store and buy a trap and put the remains of the other 2 bunnies in their for bait. Think it will work? I also found tracks on the property of an animal that has small paws, but dog like. Maybe 2-2.5" across. I've never experienced this before and I need help to fix the problem before the chickens are next on the menu!

Thank you!!!!
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Really? No one has any experience with foxes?
Here are some pictures if it helps...

Foot print...

Buried bunny...

Digging around chick coop...

I set a trap tonight, so hopefully we will see in the morning.
I would say dog as well, I can't really see a fox burying the kill right there, they'd surely carry it off or eat it. Only a nice well fed dog would kill for sport.
You have a bobcat. I knew what it was as soon as you mention that the bunny was buried. Heres a link, some good reading. Take him out! Get some pics.

A study of the food habits of 41 bobcats in Missouri showed the following foods and their percentages by volume: rabbits 67.0; mice, rats and shrews 0.7; squirrels 9.9; deer 8.6 (some of which is probably carrion); opossums 1.9; domestic cats 1.7; wild turkeys 7.9; quail 1.7; undetermined meat 0.5; and grasses 0.1.

Bobcats gorge when food is plentiful, and may not feed again for several days. They seldom return to feed on an old kill unless food is scarce. They waste considerable meat and kill more than they eat. They use their feet to bury any surplus food under snow or leaves.
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Looking at the track I am going to have to say bobcat. Do you have any in the area? The reason I say bobcat is because the pics show no claw marks. I may be wrong, but it is my knowledge that cats retract their claws unless on the kill. Also, cats most often bury their kill and save it for next time they are in the area as they make their rounds. Trap em and let us know.
No, they were all over the yard today, including by the rabbit pen. Okay, so we've decided it's a k-9 of some sort. Now my question is... Would a dog be able to scale a fence break through the bird netting and be able to get back out again? The corner that it broke through was the back corner next to a 7' tall chain link fence and bordering the chicken run, so it would have had to climb the fence and over the netting again to get out. I was thinking bob cat at first, but then the digging around the chick coop makes me think k-9. I'm at a loss.....
I just don't want this to happen again!
Bobcat? He/She is going down! I have small kids, so this kinda freaks me out!
Yes, I know we have them in the area, but I live in town and I didn't think they would be around here... Great! Everyone is going to have to go on lock down every night! Do they kill during the day, too? If we kill this one do you think another will take over it's territory?

Thanks everyone... The dog is barking! Have to go check the trap!!!!!

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