fox or hawk attack?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by jjoos99, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. jjoos99

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    Sep 19, 2015
    Yellow Springs Ohio
    Just looking for opinions as to if I had a hawk or fox attack yesterday? Here is the story. I went outside yesterday and saw a fox on the outside of my chicken run looking in at my girls. I chased it off, (saw it last year also) looked over my outside uncovered run. I alot of feathers in several areas on the run (50ftx100ft). I then found my silverlaced in near shock standing close to their coop. I found her to have several puncture wounds and scratches on her back near her neck. I thought it had to have been the fox but it doesnt add up that I saw it on the outside of the run. I have seen several red tail and coopers hawks in the area so I am thinking maybe it was a hawk attack and the fox showing up was just a coincidence. Just wondering what others think so I can try and figure out how to protect the girls?

  2. PD-Riverman

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    Probably a hawk---I do not think the fox would have left it. Hawks attack the neck and head area---to kill---then work on eating it once its dead. Being the chicken is still alive---something had to scare the hawk away. Just for info----the fox needs to go and you need to finish covering the run----cheap deer netting can be used in some area's.
  3. Eggsoteric

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    If your run isn't covered, I'd suspect the fox. Fox are expert climbers. A six foot fence is nothing for a fox to climb. You may want to look into adding electric wire around the run.
  4. centrarchid

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    Picture of bird would be helpful. Most feather loss from hawk not realized until hawk has chicken down and under control with talons. Fox, especially when having trouble subduing a large chicken will cause feather loss all over the place.

  5. jjoos99

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    Sep 19, 2015
    Yellow Springs Ohio
    Thats kind of what I was thinking. The majority of feathers were concentrated into one of the corners as if she was herded there but there were quite a few feathers scattered through out the run. some looked as if it was a trail of feathers.
  6. kelly52862

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    Mar 8, 2011
    Usually a fox grabs and runs with it. A hawk seems to land and pluck... may or may not be able to fly off when it.

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