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    have a fox problem and I keep catching the barn cats 5 of them instead of the fox any thoughts my father in law had this one .
    Martin Brasher YOU HAVE TO OUTFOX THE FOX...IF YOU DONT HE WILL GET ALL YOUR COXS...maybe you should consider a fox proof box...or borrow some of my used stinking socks...with them you wont need a box...cause a fox wont be able to stand my stinking socks..and that way you can save all your cocks.course yo eggs might develope a bad taste..and i would hate to see them go to waste.It might just be best to fry them chickens..then yo lips can get a licking..the fox he wont get no mo chicken.and go to the store to buy your eggs.
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    Try a different bait like a live chicken contained in a cage at closed end of trap. Use something like a couple of straw bales to force predator to approach caged chicken only by going through trap. Live chicken should not interest cats like other baits might.
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    Mar 15, 2013
    We use to get a lot of foxes leaving droppings all over our garden when I was a wee youth. My mum, after having read about possible deterrents, went on to place 1.5 litre bottles of water sporadically around the garden which inexplicably gave them the message and they didn't return.

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