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    Jul 26, 2011
    Hi sorry if this is the wrong place I'm new here and am completely new to keeping chickens (so new I don't have them yet. I have ordered a coop and run which I'm planing on making a little bigger. The question I have is since ordering all this new stuff the last two nights I have noticed foxes in the area, as if they knew I was getting chickens. I there anything I can do to keep them from getting my chickens before I set the coop and run up?
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    Quote:Funny you say that...we had hawks circling us as we were building the coop and run [​IMG] We like to think our run is predator proof, but we won't know until something tries to break in. Use hardware cloth as far up the sides of the run as you can, and make sure to bury some to keep the diggers out. Lock them in the coop EVERY night and keep the .22 close to your bed [​IMG] Good luck to you! BTW, [​IMG]
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