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Apr 17, 2018
We've had problems with a fox walking through our yard occasionally for the last few months, but it's never gone after the chickens(we figured it was only a matter of time but we weren't going to do anything about it until it became a real problem). Today a hen came screaming up the hill and around our front garden(so I didn't see what was coming after her because it must have turned tail), she made it almost back to the coop before she died underneath the edge of our car trailer. She had a small chunk of flesh torn out of her back, no main tail feathers, and blood around her mouth. I took a trip around the yard and found a bunch of her butt feathers all over the ground coming out of the tall grass/bog at the edge of our lawn, and then she lost a few more across about 50 ft, and then lost a whole bunch more right before she came up around the edge of the garden when I saw her. I did not find any of her tail feathers, so I assume they were pulled out before she got to the edge of the lawn.
My best guess is that she was attacked and had internal bleeding, hence the blood around her mouth... I'm also assuming it was the fox. Any other ideas, or do you think I'm right?


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I would agree it sounds like a fox attack, I'm only surprised it was unsuccessful and the fox did not get her. Now he knows your fox will likely return each day or several time a day until he gets lunch, and then every other day or so until you have no chickens left.
Free ranging is risky. Confining your chickens to a secure run and coop is the only way to keep them completely safe.
Sorry you lost your hen.


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Jan 4, 2019
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Sorry for your loss. :hugs (You should add "slightly graphic description".) You need to get rid of the fox BEFORE anything happens, but you didn't this time so:

1. Lock your chickens up. Don't free range. The fox will be back.
2. Set traps!
3. If you see it and it's safe; shoot it.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss. RIP little hen.


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Does not follow pattern I see with fox. I have not seen a fox remove chunks from a live chicken. I would be looking for someone that will start consuming prey alive and that can damage air-sacs without crushing bones. This someone is likely to weigh less than the chicken is it attacking.


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My suggestion is, if you have a game camera, put it up and see what is roaming around on your property. When I first put mine up, I was surprised at the predators that roam here especially at night. We have had some daytime predators too. Here I baited a trap for a few days and let the fox take the bait and then set the trap and caught the fox. It was coming out during the day and killed my most special bird while I was out painting on the coops. Often times they lurk looking for an opportunity when you least expect it. Good luck and I hope you catch your killer because it will be back. Since I have eliminated the fox that has killed my birds I have seen others on my cameras but they have not bothered the birds. If they do they will be eliminated. A coyote dug the hole that is in between the traps. I had put a dead bird in as bait. It would not go into the trap and instead tried to dig under it.
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