Foxes AND Coyotes!


6 Years
Mar 11, 2013
My husband said he saw a fox up toward the front of our property earlier in the week. I decided to let them out yesterday for a short free range while I was around to watch them, because we've seen foxes before, but I've never had a chicken taken. When I went in to check dinner, I looked out the window and noticed that the chickens were huddled strangely in their run. I went out to find only 6 of the 9 chickens and looked over by the woods and saw a coyote looking at me, then slinking off into the woods.

We found the two hens terrified under the deck, but my rooster had made the ultimate sacrifice. We found him in front of our house. I must have come out in the middle of the event and scared it away, otherwise, I assume it would have taken the rooster.

This has been my first year with chickens and I had already made the decision that free ranging could result in predators, but decided I could handle it, and that it was a good trade for my chickens to be able to roam. Yeah, I'm more upset by it than I thought I would be .Funny thing is, I have been threatening our rooster with the stew pot for a few months because he likes to attack my shins. I'm still sad for him though! And now that I know that he did his job, just made me like him more.

So now, I have a fox and a coyote. Ugh. My poor chickens will have to stay in their run until we can shoot the predators. And now I need a new rooster!

David Bowie, our Silkie Roo.
Aaaawwwwww :( poor brave roo :( I have heard Roos do a wonderful job of protecting their ladies... I'm lucky so far. Our Great Pyrenees seems to do a darn good job around here with fox, coyotes, raccoons, and opossums. Although he seems quite content to let deer stay right in our pole building :yesss: so dinner gets to stay in our back yard ;) Now I must say even with all 200 pounds of dog coming after them the coyotes are getting quite brave lately so we are talking about adding another young Pyrenees to work with him...give them yotes a run for their money! So sorry about your roo. Hoping you can find a way to keep them at bay. Might want to think about getting a guardian animal because since they got this close this time they will likely come back.
I lost 9 out of 11 to the fox in one day attack. The rooster I had at the time survived. A few months later, I lost 7 of my new pullets to the fox again, in a day attack. The new young roo I got with that group survived. But really, I think of roosters as nothing more than feathered speed bumps, to a fox or coyote, if they try to defend the flock.
You say you expect losses, because you freerange. But, understand, a fox sometimes won't just take one. They will take ALL of them if they get the chance. Especially this time of year. The fox probably has little ones to feed. That makes them bolder. Goodluck getting them, before they get your birds.
Alright I have been here and lost some really fine roosters
in the same manner but Coyotes are not a problem anymore
but the Bob-Cats and Fox can sure slip in through small
holes and the best thing I find is sitting on the front porch
and putting out fresh cooked bacon Yum, Yum in small
peace's so they can not take in one bite and this works
very well and I get most of my predators .....

But check your local predator law's and requirements
for taking them .....
We have a German Shepherd who we are training to NOT eat the chickens. I think he would love the job of watching them, as he loves any job, but I'm just afraid to see what he does with them. He will give chase sometimes, but then he just noses them around. But I don't trust him yet. I'm sure if I could trust him the coyote and foxes will think twice. We will try the bacon thing too. Thank you!
A fox just took the life of our sweetheart of a turkey. So devastated! Now we too are concerned about our other chickens. Luckily for us, we have a useless golden retreiver to stand by and watch :/
We've lost 3 of 9 of our hens this am, do u think the fox will come bk knowing there are more here?
I'm guna leave my husky outside with them today and lock them away in there run earlier from now on then, poor little ladies.

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