Frankenstorm vs. Chickens


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
Hurricane Sandy, nicknamed Frankenstorm, made its way from Florida up the East Coast yesterday evening. Connecticut is just starting to get those 90 mile and hour winds and heavy rain. My chickens are huddled in a corner of the pen, soaking wet and squaking. We've had storms before, and the chickens just hide under or in the coop until the storm is over, but this is different. Anyone else having their chickens act strange? Anyone worried about branches falling on coops or pens? Anyone had that happen already?
I don't know what your coop is like, but I have mine anchored with stakes and wires constantly due to being in a hurricane prone area. I didn't let my chickens out today at all, we have had those winds, gusts and rain all day here. Try to get your girls into their coop if it's a safe area, and keep them in there until the wind has passed.

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