Freak accident.

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    My poor OEGB got two of her toes caught in the track of our barn door. She lost the toes and the pad of her foot is pretty beat up. I cleaned it initially with hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, and Veterycin spray. Wrapped her up, good to go. She was putting pressure on it and walking yesterday after it happened. Today, she doesn't want to use it much, if at all. I'm cleaning her wound every few hours with Veterycin and ointment and applying new gauze, but her pad is squishy, red, and bulging. I'm not sure if it's because it too was injured or it's become infected.
    A worker at the local farm store recommended using nitrofurazone on the foot, but I'm wondering if I return that and get an oral or injectable antibiotic?

    Side note - she is eating and drinking just fine.

    I would appreciate some help. I'm so worried about my girl!
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    Cant help you with the medical questions , but here is some encouraging news. [​IMG]I had a small cochin serama mix chicken a while ago. She lost all her toes gradually due to ??? not sure what, but they just kept breaking off. She lived on for many years with no toes. Got proficient at landing on the roost and not falling off even with no nails to hold on with. Talk about circus style balance!!! Her name was Cotton , After King of The Hill Hanks dad. (the one with no shins)
    As long as your hen is eating well, ALL LOOKS GOOD. Right now I have an OEGH that is getting around quite well hopping along favoring one leg. She lost a toe on one foot a while back due to breakage on her own.
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    Chicken feet are exposed to dirt fecal matter and who knows what else. You are doing the right thing keeping it clean and covered. Try some antibacterial ointment like neosporin. We hope she heals up.
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    * excuse the shavings on the floor - she's in a large dog crate and keeps kicking them out [​IMG]

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    That's fantastic news! Sounds like your chicken was a fighter!

    I am using triple antibiotic ointment with every dressing change. I also picked up a small bag of Epsom salt to give her a couple soaks a day. I'm just so worried that she'll get infected!
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    Update: Henny is still eating and drinking normally and I'm still cleaning her foot a few times a day. Her foot basically looks like a giant blood blister at this point. She limps on it a bit still, so I imagine that it's still painful! I'm still worried about infection!
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    Is there any odor to the wound when you clean it? A lot of times with those type of accidents (disclaimer this is based on human injury not chicken injury exp) there is a lot of swelling in the area just from the excess fluids from compression and leaked blood under the skin. In dependent parts of the body it takes a little time for it to be resolved, but it won't be smelly or hot to the touch as an infected area could be.

    Good luck! Sounds like you are doing an awesome job keeping it clean!
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    I don't notice an odor and it doesn't feel any warmer than any other part. Hopefully there's no infection! I feel like I would have seen a decline in her by now if it were. It's been 6 days since it happened.

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