6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
We are getting Buff Orpington chicks next spring and my wife will raise them as pets until they go into the coop for eggs !!!!
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Glad you joined us!
Thank You, for the reply, we are new to chickens and chose these based on information by the suppliers, I guess they gave us good information. Thank You so Much for the reply, we are looking forward to raising AND enjoying these Pretty Little Gals.
Fred & Sheebs Cole
Thank You, we have not had chickens since we were kids, Long before we met, but we are happily retired and looking forward to having fun with our cats AND chickens LOL !!
We've only had ours for 6 months, so we're new to this too. We started with 22 leghorn chicks, 4 POL hens and a rooster. Needless to say, we lost 60% of our chicks and our rooster (Hitler) died 2 months ago. Then we got 19 Orpingtons and we were in love. They have such a sweet disposition - especially the Buffs. I have a deep love for 'ginger' animals, ha-ha. Best of luck. Spring is in the air here and the new shoots of green grass can't seem to grow quick enough for our flock. We've become quite enthrilled with our chickens.

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