Free 3 month old friendly easter egg rooster in Ventura CA


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Aug 31, 2019
My son hatched this beautiful boy at school at the end of last school year. His name is Albert Eggstein. He is three months old today and has just begun to crow. He has been held daily since birth and is very used to kids, dogs, and cats as he has roamed our yard with all of them. We are unable to keep roosters in our city, and are looking for a forever home for him on a farm where he will be able to live without being killed for food.
We are willing to travel several hours if it means Albert finds a good home.
VERY kind of you to be willing to travel to find him a home! I really wish you all the luck in the world.

Just remember, if you get any takers south of the county line, we're still in that virulent Newcastle Disease quarantine down here. You may get an offer but the penalty for transporting birds into or within LA County is $1000 per bird. You'd be putting him in potential danger of the virus. And god forbid you drove through any of the virus, you could transport it back to Ventura with you. It's a very tough virus and survives a long time on things like tires and shoes.

Just a word of warning and I hope you find Albert Eggstein a home. FABULOUS name. Those kids who named him must have loved him!

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