Free call ducks!

Duck norris

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Aug 15, 2018
hello all! I hatched call ducks on August 6th of this year... I have now realized I have too many males (5 males 2 females) They are starting to get aggressive to each other a bit and I know I can’t keep this many males. I was hoping someone here would love to add some male call ducks to their flock! They are amazing ducks and I love them a lot. I do handle them daily so they are people friendly. They are free to a good home! Please let me know I’ll send pictures of my cuties or anything you need. I just want them to be happy
Thank you!
They are “call ducks”. They are a smaller breed of ducks. And they are so sweet. I have 2 white ones (solid) and 2 multi colored ones that look like they are getting green heads now actually

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