Free Chicks to a Good Home in DFW


10 Years
Apr 7, 2009
I am school teacher with 5 eggs due to hatch on Thursday. I am looking for local in the DFW metroplex to take the baby chicks when they hatch. I received them from a local breeder on Creiglist, so I don't have any info about them or their history.

Assuming they all hatch on time (I'm hoping for an early hatch), I'd like to meet up early Saturday morning.

Let me know if you're interested!
I can help you out. What's 5 more? This little grandchild project of mine grew out of control. There's 50 now so five more won't even be noticed. I live in mckinney but I work in uptown/west village in Dallas wed thru sunday. If you don't mind dropping them off. Saturday at 7 or Sunday at 6 would be best for me. Closest interesection is Cole/Blackburn.

If you live north of dallas on the 75 corridor I can pick them up on the way home Send me a pm

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