FREE! CJ, my BO x Blue Frizzle * TAKEN pending PU* /Ext N. GA.


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First of all, I sadly must give up my CJ (Cracker Jack Surprise) who is 11 weeks old now. CJ is adorable, very dark blue with big soulful eyes, friendly and calm. BUT, CJ is a rooster I have no place for here and DH isn't in the pen-building mood. If I didn't have my Delaware Trio in the Firetower coop, I'd put him in there with some ladies of his own because I really , really like CJ. CJ may not be very large since his mother is a cross between a Blue Silkie rooster and a Black Frizzle Cochin bantam hen. CJ's sire is a standard size Buff Orpington, so he is an interesting cross, to say the least. Actually, CJ looks very much like a beardless blue Ameraucana, as you can see, but I have it on good faith that he is the cross previously mentioned. SO, would anyone like to adopt my sweet CJ? PickUp only, I will not ship him. Here is CJ, who'd make a great pet for someone. I have a picture of his mother, if her owner doesn't mind me posting it, or would post it for me:
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I still have CJ. This is a very sweet, friendly kiddo. You'll adore him! And he's BLUE!

EDITED TO ADD: I am near the juncture of TN, GA and NC, in Fannin County, GA.
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Post away. He is a cutie. I have his mom in witha partridge Cochins and just hatched five bluechicks and a few partrigdes. They are really cute.
Thank you, Christina. I think he is just the sweetest thing and if I didn't have my Delawares in that small coop, CJ wouldn't be leaving here!
Here is CJ's mama, Thelma. Isnt she cute? That lacing on the feathers around her neck is so cool!
Why must you tempt me to drive to Georgia to see my Aunt May and pick up CJ? hope I made you
at least a little
He is so cute! I hope you find a good home for him and wish I lived closer to you! I would be after all your chickens
Thanks, Teresa and Carrie. You did make me laugh! I need a few of those about now. What a mess of "stuff" I've had this year! I posted a flyer about CJ at a feedstore in town, but I have my misgivings about letting him go. I just wish I had a place for another rooster here. If I didn't need pure Barred Rock eggs, I'd let him run with the laying flock.
hes not very big, you could always keep him in the house. he looks liked hed make a good house chicken.
Thanks for the laugh first thing this a.m., beefstick. Nah, my goofy big old lab-pointer mix girl, is my only house chicken, LOL. She freaks out every time Zane crows or even moves in the playpen in the house when he comes in for therapy.

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