FREE! Eggs, Chicks or Gift Certificate for $20


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Apr 12, 2011
Valley City, OH
Your choice of FREE Chicks, Hatching Eggs or a Gift Certificate in the amount of $20! This is a FREE Giveaway and Winner will be Announced June 29th (selected my random drawing).

How do I enter? There are several ways to enter the Drawing:
Visit our FB page and LIKE our Farm (Liking us and following our Farm allows you to see all of our weekly Sales and Discounts offered along with updated pictures and interesting poultry facts) after LIKING us you need to click on LIKE and select GET NOTIFICATIONS or we will not show up in your feed.

SHARE our FB link on your page (and comment below our post on FB)

Write a Review or Post Pictures/Status Update on our Facebook page - Have you ordered chicks from us, Hatching Eggs, Eating Eggs, Have you picked up from our farm and received a tour of our little heaven on earth here? Have an excellent hatch to share from our hatching eggs, updated pictures of chicks purchased or hatched from our farm? Everyone that writes a REVIEW on our FB page or sends an update on chicks/chickens from our Farm will receive an entry. There is a section to post a review on our FB page and a rating system. We can't wait to hear from our customers

If you aren't on FB send us an email, first and last name and I will make sure to include your name in the drawing.

We are a small family owned farm in NE Ohio that focuses on rare and heritage poultry for Exhibition and the Backyard Fancier. We purchase only the best of the best stock from around the country.
WE are NPIP & AI Monitored and all of our chicks are vaccinated for Mareks!
Check out our website at
Check out our FB page at: or our website at and you can find us on Backyard Chickens of course :)

Some of the breeds we are focusing on this year!:
Large Fowl - Sussex: Coronation, Silver, Speckled & Light
Cochins: Gold Laced and Barred
Wyandottes: Blue Laced Red, Gold Laced
100% sh Orpingtons: Blue & Lavende
American Orpingtons: Blue
Plymouth Rocks: Partridge and Silver Penciled
Marans: French Black Copper, Blue/Black/Splash, White and Golden Cuckoo
Ameraucanas: Blue, Splash & Lavendar
Cream Legbar
Double Laced Blue Barnvelder
Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds

Bantams - Cochins: Black Mottled, Blue Mottled
Wyandottes: Blue Laced Red, Black and Chocolate, Silver Laced
Orpingtons: Chocolate (3-4# bird UK line) in between bantam and LF
Brahmas: Buff
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Liked, posted, shared hope I'm entered :)
We're putting together a fashion
me too.
I LOVE your BLRW and Lav. Ameraucanas the best!
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