Free Food Grade buckets from Food Lion

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I have been wanting and trying to get some of these buckets for storage. I called on of the local markets and the lady said she had a few but no lids. She gave me 4--2 gal. buckets and 3--5 gal. buckets. She is going to get me some lids for them this week. When I got home I cleaned them and then I thought
they really look plain so I'll.....................................................................decorated them.

So they went from this................................


To this.........................................................


I labeled them with Tea, Sugar, Flour & Cocoa

Will put larger items in the 5 gal. buckets.
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Thank You, my daughters bought me the Rooster and hen rub ons last year and I finally found a use for them. All 4 of the buckets are decorated differently.
I get the icing buckets from the bakery at our our local Piggly Wiggly free. We use them for everything around here. Never thought of using them to store dry goods for the pantry. Thanks for the idea.
Your welcome Possum ~~ These to came from the bakery/deli and they also held icing. I ran some water over the label and it came right off.

I am gonna get more so I can use them for water buckets around the pasture area.

Hey here's another idea. If you need a small feeder for a few chickens, WAH LAH! You can get a 2 gal bucket for one or for a bigger one use the 5 gal. size.
That's what we use them for, water buckets. Ya know though, you could make a small chicken feeder with one. I have an extra aluminum dog food pan and I could use it with the bucket to make a feeder. Will have to figure out what to use to raise the bucket a bit so the food will come out into the pan, but I'll brain storm and come up with something. I'll soon have some chicks that will outgrow the chick feeder, and was telling DH I needed another feeder for them. Wait, why not just cut some sections out of the bucket rim, so the food will come out? I'll try it and see how it works.

Again, thanks for the idea's!
we use ours for water buckets and for nesting boxes. do a search on them and you will see photos.
Decoration of bucket is so very attractive...good job.
Ozark hen, will do a search for the photo's of the nest boxes. Right now, we have plenty built in the coop, but we may need a few more in the future as our flock grows. We built the present ones out of scrap wood we happened to have, and this will be a great alternative. Thanks!

Chickenaddict, Wonderful! I'll use one of the older ones we used for the goats as a portable water bucket back when we used to let them out to graze. I do have a hanging feeder I use for laying pellets for my hens, and it wasn't cheap. Neither was the hanging water thingy, so will gladly use what I have here to save money for the chick feeder, especially if it works. I especially like the idea of less waste too. Right now, I'm having to refill the small chick feeder 2 - 3 times a day. The little buggars can chow down, LOL, so thank you.

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