Free goats to mow with? Score!

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    So we've been fighting a losing battle with the yaupon since we moved in February 2008, the donkeys we had at the time ate down a few but after they left it seemed to get worse. So, we've been looking into getting more goats and fencing, yadda yadda yadda. Well, I found some sturdy fencing that you get two/three panels and hook together they make a circle of fencing. I talked to a few people that have put cattle in these panels, so I'm guessing the goats will not be able to fit through/climb over [putting electrical wire around the top].

    Long story short, I found two free goats that my best friend said I could hold on to as long as I needed to do the job so she can worry about her baby. Kalee is due August 2, and we're all supppper excited about that. So, all you goat keepers... whats your opinion on movable fencing and goats? It's just two, and the pen will be 16ft in diameter at the smallest... is that enough? I know the show goats were kept in a MUCH smaller pen, and two at a time could be shoved in there by the owners but they were taken out and walked daily.

    Also, it's a Nanny and her whether, whose weaned off of her and about 8 months old... both are very tame. When I feed the Nanny should I separate the whether? They'll only be getting fed every other day to encourage foraging through the brush.... I can't remember if I can give them hay or not. I'm also going to post this on BYH.

    I'm excited, and will be getting them around the first or so... it's going to be a three hour one way drive, but for her I'll do anything I can to help. I have a large dog crate that I use as my brooder, the wire type, that the Nanny will go in and the whether will be in a smaller pen. Should I remove the plastic bottoms and leave just the wire? I will post pictures as soon as I can, but I'm about to head back out and stake out the area the pen will go first.

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