FREE! Lavender Orp roo needs a home


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Oct 27, 2018
Hello, my beautiful 14 week Lavender Orpington has declared himself a rooster this week. His saddle feathers got long and pointy just as he started crowing. We live in the city, so no roosters for us. He is super sweet and eats from our hand. He will even let the kids pick him up. I live in Southern Indiana, but would also be willing to ship him overnight express to a good home!
Have you looked for any farm rescues in your area? They sometimes will take in roosters and let them free range on their farm with other donated chickens.
Welcome to BYC! I would love that roo but I live too far.
Hey, FarmerGirl! He is a beauty. I actually can ship him overnight express mail in a special box win a biofilter. I’ll put some nesting pad in the bottom for him. If you can get express mail I can ship him to you for free!

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