Free - Pair of runner ducks - No. Va.


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
Northern Va.
Donald and Daisy are fawn and white Indian Runners and hatched last May. Donald has it out for one of my hens and I told my husband I won't tolerate that. So, I am willing to give them away but ONLY to someone who has experience with ducks. It would even better if you have ducks now along with a pond and coop for them at night. If interested, post here or email me. Thanks!

John 11:25,26
Wish you were closer. If I could, I would. I have 18 ducks... hows that for experience? Lol. And 6 geese. We're installing a huge black tub from ts... it'll be huge. And we are building them a whole new shelter.

Good luck though!
Linck Hill,

Where do you live in Pa.? I've been known to drive quite far if its for the good of my animals. Sounds like you have a great set up!!!

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