Free range chickens with feather feet, missing feathers.

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    [​IMG] We have free range chickens and they have feathered feet, my 9 year old son is going to show some of his chickens in 4-H in July and with them free range they love the mud and everything else they can get into, and have feathers missing on their feet. They need to grow them back to look good at the fair. Does anyone have any suggestions or know how long it would take to grow them back. Should we pen them up? and if so starting how long before the fair?
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    Um, now [​IMG]

    It takes a couple months for them to grow back to a suitable length. They will need to be caged in a solid-floored pen making sure they have clean bedding all the time.

    It's labor intensive to keep feather-footed breeds show ready. That's why most flocks have "breeder pens" and "show pens".
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    What type of flooring do you recommend?

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