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Yes you can free range them. But remember any damage they cause you are responsible for and that also includes any damage to a car. They breed during the summer months only. If you type the words "free range peafowl" or "free ranging peafowl" in the search you should get threads telling you how to do it and how long it will take you to do it. I would love to free range but my birds cost to much money so I perfer to keep them safe by keeping them in a pen and they do not seem to mind the pen at all.

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Oh, Yoda, I know you're right!

But sometimes I think peapeople might not want to answer easily searchable questions...when they could be discussing really important the Wild Thang...and wine...and poop know...
Whether you want to risk it or not may depend on if you live on a main road. My house is 80+' off the road and my coops are another 30-50' behind the house and I've had 2 full grown peacocks and a yearling get hit. All at different times and I was sure they weren't going near the road, oh and I also have fence across the front, which of coarse they just fly over. Another problem is if you free range, they will probably nest outside and a brooding pea is very vulnerable to predators. Did I mention that they aren't like a chicken that goes home to roost every night? Sooner or later they will probably roost high enough that you can't reach them to put them in at night.
On the other hand a breeder around me has 50 that he lets free range all summer,lives on a main road and they range in the woods next to him, he says he loses very few birds doing it, so I guess its a crap shoot. Or else I'm doing something wrong.
i posted a similar question - how far from the road is safe to free range? turns out 200' isn't far enough :(

Yes you can free range peafowl - you want to make sure you have enough room and are far enough from the road. and guage how safe it is for them where you live/what predators are around. Temperature doesn't seem to be a factor unless you have peafowl with a high green percentage. but if there isn't big enough trees with big enough branches so that when they roost they cover their feet - frost bite can be an issue. They will not come in at night like chickens. although i read once that if they were raised with chickens they just might.

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